About Permanex Site Security

Permanex is a nationwide construction site and temporary site security company based in the southeast of England. Since the 1990’s Permanex has been installing for the UK’s largest construction companies, protecting some of the largest and most prestigious sites around the country.

Permanex have developed and built security systems to suit the widest variety of sites and projects. Our engineers and technicians work diligently with our clients to ensure that all the projects have suitable protection within an agreed budget. Our distinctive Eagle head logo is now a familiar sight, and our teams a regular fixture, on major development sites.

As well as using our own bespoke systems, Permanex are the preferred installer for some of the biggest equipment suppliers in the sector. Our Turnstiles and barrier systems are compatible with all the major access control software programmes on the market and can be integrated with our CCTV and audio alert systems.

All our systems can be managed via APP from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Our market leading RSI wireless alarm systems are amongst the most versatile currently on the market. With the backdrop of increased health and safety requirements, rising equipment theft and the escalation of YouTube and social media video pranksters, site access controls, alarms and CCTV are now an indispensable site requirement.

If you would like an impartial consultation and advice about any site, large or small please get in touch and our experienced team will be happy to help.

Call 020 7428 6492 or email operations@Permanex.net