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Monitored CCTV

CCTV captures images in the event of a crime, providing vital evidence toward prosecuting the perpetrator. It also proves invaluable in assisting with accident investigations and assessing workforce productivity.
Permanex offers the very latest in on and off-site CCTV monitoring for your construction site, void property, or temporary installation, with systems that capture detailed, crystal clear video. Our 24-hour monitoring and surveillance service protects your sites nationwide, with immediate response and swift resolution of any on-site issues.


Access Control & Turnstiles

Access systems provide secure, flexible control over who enters or leaves your site and when they do. They start with basic entry and exit systems, but if needed can be tailored to more complex, tiered security installations.
Our access control systems provide dependable and accountable systems of entry and exit, not just for your workforce to your main site, but also to select groups and individuals alone allowed access to more sensitive parts of your location. Their detailed records of access provide invaluable and indisputable evidence in all kinds of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) issues, criminal investigations, and even contractor disputes.


Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial recognition technology provides fast, efficient and contactless identification of entire groups of people, expanding their access from single-file queues, and generally freeing up movement around sites, without compromising security.
Permanex’s facial recognition can measure many people at once, scanning and recognising each face in 0.2 seconds. When coupled with Thermi-scan technology, it can measure individual facial temperature with an accuracy of up to 0.1°C. Using a database of images of your staff, it will restrict entry to staff who are within the normal and expected temperature range.


Body Temperature Detection

Body Temperature Detection Systems can detect facial temperatures of up to 40 people at once, with an accuracy of 0.3°C, making them ideal for monitoring body temperatures at entrances to events, transport hubs and buildings.
Using advanced facial recognition, our systems scan face temperature for a more accurate measurement and reference your database of employees to give fast, accurate information of exactly who may be at risk. With astonishingly fast response times and the ability to measure entire groups of people at once, our systems free up traffic through your detection areas.


Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are ideal for sites needing quick installation, without the hassle of installing cables between the panel and devices. This leaves your workforce unencumbered and your site protected by a network of sensors able to sound the alarm if any sector of your site has a fire detected in it.
Permanex’s range of wireless fire alarms are designed specifically for the construction industry, with ease of installation, dependability, and low-maintenance costs front of mind. Our hire scheme means you can simply order the systems exactly where and when you need them. We also offer a range of practical fire safety products, including fire extinguishers and first responder stations.


Scaffold Alarms

Scaffolds provide easy access to whatever structure they have been erected against, making them easy targets for vandals, thieves, and mischief-makers of all kinds. Not exactly reassuring to those who live or work inside the structure seeking safety, privacy, or protection.
Since 1995 Permanex has been an industry leader in scaffold protection, providing hard-wired and battery-powered systems that provide protection to your building the moment the scaffolding is up, with invisible detection zones, able to track movement, infra-red, and heat. All activity and events are logged externally by our monitoring station, meaning real-time responses can be triggered if needed, and accurate, documented records are provided for insurance companies or police reports should they need them.


Bespoke CAD Mapping

Computer-aided design (CAD) software helps to speed up work, increase accuracy, ensure blueprints and drawings are easily shared wherever they’re needed. They’re also invaluable for making adjustments once your project is underway.
For ease of use, we can take your site’s CAD layout map and plot our security systems onto it, so that you can easily locate equipment and cable placement for any future site adaptations.



EverCam provides construction time-lapse cameras and project management software with time-lapse videos and live-streaming that can aid project management, help to avoid construction disputes, and even provide marketing content for your project.
Permanex is now an approved installer for Evercam, providing simple, hassle-free installation and ongoing maintenance, meaning you can get on with your work, empowered, connected, and informed at all times, from anywhere, on any device.


Health & Safety

We are committed to Health & Safety, and complying with all relevant and latest requirements. Every one of our managers are trained and hold the following accreditations.