Monitored CCTV

Permanex offers the very latest in on - and off - site CCTV monitoring for your construction site, void property or temporary installation. We use a system that captures crystal clear images in the event of a crime, providing vital evidence toward securing a conviction. It has also proved invaluable in assisting with accident investigations and work force productivity. Our 24 hour monitoring and surveillance service protects your sites nationwide, offering immediate response and a swift resolution to any on-site issues.

Access Control & Turnstiles

Access systems provide security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter or leave your site and when. They can also provide detailed record of access- invaluable and indisputable as evidence in many kinds of HSE and criminal investigations as well as contractor disputes.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Our range of fire safety products are designed specifically for the construction industry. With innovation at the forefront of our technology, we only use manufacturers of high-quality life-saving products that are customisable to your needs. We have introduced a hire scheme, together with a free of charge storage system, where our customers can simply call off their own equipment (or hire equipment) at their convenience. Our fire safety equipment covers all bases, offering a range of products including fire extinguishers, wireless alarm systems and first responder stations.

Wireless Alarms for Cranes & Scaffolding

Our Outdoor Video Live MotionViewer, a battery-powered PIR motion sensor with an integrated digital video camera and infrared illuminators, is designed to detect an intrusion, instantaneously record a 10 second video and send the video alarm signal to our control panel via RF for cellular relay to the central station where immediate review/verification can initiate a priority response and dispatch accordingly. We fit these on crane towers and scaffolding using manufactured brackets to comply with all health and safety requirements.

Time-Lapse Cameras

Permanex now an approved installer for Evercam who have developed the most evolved camera software powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and this is just the beginning. Showcase your work with construction time-lapse videos and live streaming. Empower Project Managers with the right image at the right time. Avoid disputes and Don’t just win arguments, avoid them. Using your own evidence.

Scaffold Alarms

Permanex offer a battery alarm system - i.e. no wiring required. This is the ONLY wireless battery alarm system which supports remote monitoring. In addition Permanex's 24 Hour manned response service can provide immediate site attendance to any alarm activation. This system is certified to BS EN 50131-1 the UK and European standard for alarm systems.

Permanex also offer a Hard Wired "High Tier System" this system can be applied to all properties that require scaffolding to be erected and where their is a serious threat of intrusion.