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Promoting ‘Green Practices’ within the Construction Industry

According to the UK Green Building Council, around 10% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions are directly associated with construction activities. The number rises to 45% when taking into account the whole of the built environment sector.

Permanex-Power is committed to changing and reducing the construction industry’s reliance on diesel vehicles.

“EV’s are more than able to deliver, as long as they have charge points”
UK Construction Media

It is very apparent that workers on construction sites are hopelessly compromised as there is an alarming and obvious shortage of charging points on the sites. The shortfall makes it impractical therefore inevitable that site workers will continue to buy and use internal combustion engines (usually diesel) completely flying in the face of the governments movement to enable the transition to pure electric travel.

“Air pollution causes 28 000 to 36 000 deaths a year in the UK, estimates from the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants have shown” The British Medical Journal

In order to breathe clean air every day we need to make rapid changes: adopting electric vehicles, and slashing construction industry emissions are crucial and immediate actions we can make.

Permanex-Power have developed what we believe to be a market leading and cost-effective system to ensure construction sites can promote green practices, assist staff & visitors whilst demonstrating their green credentials.

Permanex-Power will evaluate the site, supply and install a suitable number of relocatable and reusable ‘commercial fast charge’ charging points, with no prohibitive capital outlay.

Permanex have been working with the top UK contractors for over 20 years and is keen to facilitate any move to make our industry greener.

Permanex’s team of engineers are all fully insured, accredited and experienced in working within individual corporate guidelines, to required safety standards, all whilst hitting agreed deadlines.

Permanex’s success is build on customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves in efficiency, helpfulness and politeness. Permanex-Power will assist clients from the initial inquiry to the final sign-off. We also run an on-going maintenance scheme and 24/7 support service.

We know it is our collective responsibility to reduce greenhouse gases. Using and encouraging the use of electric vehicles represents a significant contribution to doing just this. Facilitating EV’s is an important component towards achieving 100% emissions free travel.

Branded EV Chargers. As part of demonstrating your company’s green credentials Permanex-Power can install corporate branded chargers.

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