Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

THERMI-SCAN FDP-3000 Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Digital Detection Module

The FDP-3000 is an Access Control terminal with digital  detection, face recognition and a large storage capacity. The face recognition is precise and fast.

The device integrates face recognition technology and non-contact temperature detection technology, which can use a database of images of your staff, to only allow entry through linked access control, such as a door opening, to your employees who are within the normal and expected temperature range.

The digital detection module supports rapid body temperature detection. This means that the product can achieve face recognition and temperature detection at the same time and supports warnings for people with an abnormal body temperature. It can be widely applied in crowded places, such as smart communities,  schools, office buildings, hospitals and other important areas


• Non-contact detection

• Abnormal body temperature warning

• Measurement range between 30°C to 45°C

• Accuracy of up to 0. i°C

• Built-in deep learning dedicated chip

• Speed of Facial Recognition is 0.2 seconds

• Supports face, card, password and OR code authentication

• Two-way audio with indoor monitor

• Up to 8,000 events capacity (with images)