Permanex Site Pass (PSP)
Permanex is now offering Permanex Site Pass (PSP) the most competitively priced Access Control System on the market.

Our longevity and success are not only built on our extensive range of products and services but also on our working practices. The helpful staff combined with our understanding and experience within the construction industry make Permanex your ideal site security partner. Permanex has always been a market leader in access control and work with the largest contractors in the UK.

The Permanex Site Pass (PSP) system.

Ther PSP software has all the access control functions your site needs including:

  • CSCS verification.
  • Pre-Enrolment.
  • Online Induction.
  • Cloud multi-site option.
  • Fire Roll Call.
  • Final Entry | Exit Report.
  • Anti Pass back.
  • Multiple Zoning.
  • CO2 Reports.
  • 4g | Hard wire | Wi-Fi
  • Face | Bio-metric | RFiD | Fingerprint.
  • Bi-Directional | Fail lock and emergency exit settings.
  • Pre-fabricated, drop in turnstile container systems.
  • Integrated ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) & delivery management system.
  • Free tech support line and unlimited users

Permanex Site Pass helps manage staff and ensures your sites are only accessed by authorised personnel. The systems automatically records and stores personnel activity.

We supply and fit cost-effective cabin and freestanding, half and full height turnstiles and barriers.

The PSP system can be managed from PC, Laptop, or even smartphone and is integrated with our CCTV and scaffold alarm systems.

The product is proven with over 23 million number plates recognised, 100,000 people enrolled, 9 million hours logged, over 40 million ‘events’ registered and now over 4,000 business users .

What we do

Permanex Site Pass (PSP) offers construction sites a wireless solution that tracks workforce activity 24/7.

If your site is looking for pre-enrolment, online inductions, delivery management and a wide range of reports, we offer a true cloud solution that meets all your requirements.

We understand your frustrations

We have custom built and developed solutions that are truly cloud based.

We understand the frustrations that many sites have up and down the country like loss of connectivity, outdated technology, over complicated and complex systems. Our system helps with the unenviable tasks of CSCS management to supply chain access all in one simple solution.

Whether it’s Facial recognition on turnstiles, Online induction or CO2 reports, Permanex have the solution for you.

We will provide you with a tailor-made dashboard that is web based and user-friendly, that can also be accessed on a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Our system allows you to manage multiple sites under one dashboard and see all events in real time. We also provide you with multiple users – Super admin, site managers and so on, all with varying permissions and capabilities.

We offer contractors their own environment of PSP so they can request to enroll their own people, book deliveries etc. Taking the hassle away. One time enrolment is completed off- site. Meaning they don’t need to enroll on multiple sites which saves time.


With our pre-enrolment solution we make your life easier with a one-time enrolment which is then distributed to your chosen sites. You will also save time by allowing the end-user to complete the enrolment themselves on either a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Online Induction

Using our platform, inductions can be tailored so that relevant information can be captured prior to your arriving on site or place of work. This is also a great way to get key information across to individuals before they arrive.

Time and Attendance

Our time and attendance platform removes the need for clocking-in cards and outdated solutions. We take the pain out of completing time sheets, human error and time theft. Our reporting suite will then give you a thorough breakdown of your staff or contractors’ time and attendance.

Card Expiry

One of the many features of our Access Control includes an CSCS expiry reminder. We will notify users 30 days before their card is due to expire. You also have access to reports which will advise whose card has expired and when they're due to expire

Delivery Management

Need to schedule your deliveries? Need to arrange staff or specific equipment to be present on arrival? With our delivery management solutions, we take the hassle out of troubles you face.


Use your data to provide informative reports that are important to you. We have a full suite of reports to choose from that include CO2 reports, time and attendance including hourly, daily and weekly, tiered labour reports and many more.


We give contractors and suppliers their own environment to manage their own people and deliveries within PSP. You set their permissions and can choose to accept, decline or revoke access to sites

Fire Roll Call

At a click of a button have a full breakdown of who is on your sites, what contractor they are from and their contact details.