Scaffold Alarms

For over 25 years, Permanex's pioneering technologies have made us the industry leader in construction and temporary site security - the best in Monitored Site Alarms. By their very nature, scaffolds provide easy access to whatever structure they have been erected against, making them easy targets for vandals, thieves and mischief-makers of all kinds; Not exactly reassuring to thise who live or work inside the structure seeking safety, privacy, or protection. When London's city ordinances made it a requirement for scaffolds to be set with alarms back in the 1980s, Permanex was there to answer the technological call. Since mastering and establishing scaffold alarms in 1995 Permanex has been an industry leader in scaffold priotection, providing hard-wired systems for larger, long-term projects; battery powered systems for high profile sites.

Hardwired Scaffold Alarm System

- Protects buildings as soon as the scaffold is erected
- Movement, Infra-Red and Heat Sensors create and invisible detection zone
- System alerts our monitoring station and they contact key-holders and Security Patrols
- All events are logged on the alarm panel and any activation is logged externally by the monitoring station( Showing time, date and cause of scaffold alarm signal) to provide documentation for insurance companies and police reports
- Tamper alarm remains active even when system is suspended during working hours
- Out of hours response by Permanex Key Holding & Response service
- Scaffold Alarms can be linked with our CCTV Security System to provide enhanced protection
- Easy installation and Easy maintanence

Wireless Site and Scaffolding Alarm System at Queen's Chapel

- Monitored wireless alarms provide great protection for smaller sites and suit any budget
- More versatile and offer flexible installation locations and installation is both quicker and less destructive than any hard-wired system
- The system runs on batteries which can be monitored over a GSM network, meaning that if power and phone lines are cut you can still have a solid protection you can count on
- Comes in two options one that is alarm only similar to the hardwired system or video verification system which sends a 10 second video clip with snap shots to confirm what has activated the system