How it Works?


Here at Permanex we can offer you a system designed around your site and budget. The most secure option we offer is a fully controlled system. This has CCTV with alarm sensors linked to an alarm receiving centre.
Want to Know More

Permanex have had a bespoke alarm panel made to our specifications that is purchased and then built by our trained engineers. The panel is designed to work alongside the NVR which has the cameras wired into. The alarm panel has zones and devices. Each zone will be associated with each camera and then up to 8 devices can be learnt onto each zone. That means one camera can have 8 wireless alarm sensors associated with it. Each sensor will constantly communicate with the alarm panel. This means that if the sensor is damaged or has a low battery or is relocated the alarm panel will issue a tamper alarm or low battery signal. The alarm panel will have a dualcom installed inside which will communicate directly to the ARC. This will send out any low battery signals, tampers, intruder confirmed, intruder unconfirmed, system power failure, panic alarms arm/disarm signals and loss of connection signals. When placing the sensors on site it is always common that the site will change, and block sensors or signals will not communicate that normally do as the newly built structure blocks the FM signal they use. This needs to have a repeater panel added which will repeat the signal and ensure no signal is missed.
The Panel is connected to the NVR through the alarm inputs and then each sensor is linked to the cameras associated with them. The panel sends the same signals through the NVR that it sends through the Dualcom. The reason we do this is so that in the event of the Broadband failing the alarm will send out over the dualcom which works off a world sim card. The NVR will record at a minimum a month worth of footage unless you request more storage. After this the NVR will loop around and record over the oldest footage. The NVR will have an alarm input left spare so that site can arm and disarm their alarm via the mobile app or the PC software. If the client wishes to receive a more hand on service they can enable the app to notify them directly of any alarms received from the systems on site as well as the ARC calling them when an activation occurs.
Every site is different and have different procedures. We speak to site personnel about what security protocol best suits them. We then put into action the protocol. After two weeks of your site being monitored our ARC issues a certificate to say that the site has responded as it should and that it has received all the right alarms in this period.